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What does your church believe?

Even though Christ the King is a community church and non-traditional in style, we are deeply committed to the eternal truths of the Bible. Our vision is to become a biblically functioning community of believers who worship God, reach out to people outside the church and grow together in our spiritual relationship with God.  Please peruse our What We Believe page for more detailed information. 

How do I get to the church?

We are located in Ponca, NE, just northeast of downtown.  121 N Iowa street Ponca, NE 68770.
Time-10:15 AM

What is the sunday service like?

We work hard to make sure every weekend service is creative and relevant to your life. A greeter will welcome you at the front door of our Worship Center and give you a program guide.

Our praise team will begin the service with music that invites you to sing along and worship. Our pastor will talk about an issue that is relevant today and what the Bible says about dealing with that issue.

Following the service, you have a chance to enjoy coffee and refreshments in a relaxed atmosphere that encourages connection with other people. We have our refreshment and connection time in the basement of our facility.

What about my children?

While you are enjoying an exciting worship service, your children will be well cared for in a safe and clean age-appropriate environment.
A nursery area is provided directly off of the main worshiping area, where you can tend to your infant if needed. We do however want you to feel completely comfortable with your child in the service. 

Toddlers and preschool age are taken care of from the start of the service in the preschool area in the basement of our facility, called Little Lambs. Each week they will learn from the Bible using crafts and music. Snack is also provided. 

Our school-aged children worship in, Kids Zone. Kid Zone is located in the church basement. Kids Zone is an awesome learning experience for elementary age students.  Our passionate staff provide loving, leadership using scripture lesson from the Bible. They will participate in small group developing friendships through interacting and praying for their peers.

What should I wear when I attend?

Whatever you feel comfortable in. People wear just about everything from dress-up to business casual to jeans and shorts and sandals (in the summer). Feel free to leave the tie and high heel shoes at home, if you wish. We have a casual fun atmosphere.  

What will be expected of me?

If you're visiting, we won't ask you to give a dime when we pass the offering plate. We won’t make you stand up and introduce yourself. We want you to remain as anonymous as you want to, but we encourage you to visit our church over several weeks to see what's going on at Christ the King Community Church.

I was raised Catholic/Lutheran/Methodist/Baptist/Hindu/etc., is Christ the King Community Church for me?

CKCC is a church that helps people figure out what "Christian" means in their everyday life. If you have questions about what steps you need to take to advance your spiritual journey and apply a relationship with God to your everyday life, then Christ the King is for you. God wants all of us to take the next step of faith. Come and journey with us!

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